OEM/ODM services

We, Twinstar Technologies, aims to provide first-class service and top-quality products to leading companies in the optical communications industry. We keep our customers satisfied with the development of their product, from the blueprint to mass production, from the prototype to the final shipment.

Through years of technical accumulation and experience, Twinstar can help customers to designing their products for easy mass production even before the product is fully developed, then avoiding the last-minute changes for the mass production, inefficient product development cycles, and the high costs associated with both.

Twinstar Technologies also makes use of automation in the production process, thereby limiting the team to a small group of core operations staff rather than a large group of production operators. This keeps our production efficient and flexible. It is now possible to reserve more than 30% of our production capacity for the mass production of new products specified by our customers, even while considering typical fluctuations in production speed or demand for other products. In the face of an unexpected growth in demand, we would be able to increase our production capacity in just two to four weeks.

Twinstar Technologies fully understands the importance of cost reduction, and has methods to reduce costs across many fronts from product development, and process design for manufacture efficiency to yield control. We are able to keep on reducing the cost of our products so as to make their products competitive in the market.