Technical ability

With sophisticated sub-micron machining technology, we are able to engrave V-grooves with up to 96 channels (and various other structures) on glass, silicon substrate and other materials, with core pitch accurate within 0.5 microns.

We perform in-house assembly, grinding/polishing and testing for V-groove related products such as ferrules for various fiber array, Light turn and MTP / MPO multicore connectors. The products would be subject to a series of reliability tests and were certified by various customers.

We can produce customized high-precision test jumpers.

We have built our own micro-optical platform, which uses our existing precision substrate platform to perform passive optical alignment. This is state of the art technology which greatly improves our alignment efficiency and yield while performing our advantage than other alignment solutions.

By use of our unique high precision cold-pressed technology, our micro-optical device hermetic sealing can 100% pass the GR1221CORE reliability test.