AOC passive cable (MT - MT)

AOC passive cable

(MT – MT)


AOC passive cable(MT - MT)series is widely used in AOC assembly and application of high speed optical transceiver module,MT core is small in size and has many channels to transmit multichannel light. MT cartridge can be directly connected through Pin to Pin, which is very convenient to be used as an external optical interface in the application scene of high-speed optical module.


· High-grade of accuracy and easy to assembly
· High Performance in IL
· Customized configurations
· Obtained various certifications of ROHS and REACH

High speed AOC cable

· High speed AOC cable

Parameter Specification
Optical fiber type Customized configurations
Optical fiber length Customized configurations
Channel 1~24ch or Customized configurations
Polishing angle of MT 0°、8° or Customized configurations
IL ≤0.35dB
RL multi-mode ≥30dB、 single-mode ≥60dB
Operating / Storage temperature -40~+85℃