Prism lens array – MT jumper

Prism lens array – MT jumper


Prism lens array-MT jumper series products, using the lens, MT, special glue, and other raw materials using unique technology to ensure that the lens will light path to 90 ° and optical axis direction, improve the optical path between the board, saved a space, increases the density board components, reduces the cost, at the same time satisfy the high reliability, repeatability module docking requirements.


· support multi-mode and single mode of a variety of link design
· Miniaturization, high performance and super integrated
· Excellent environmental stability and reliability
· Customized configurations
· Obtained certifications of ROHS and REACH


· Multi-channel micro-optics integrated device
· High speed optical transceiver module
· New high-speed computer communication applications
· High speed transmission equipment
· Ethernet system

Parameter Specification
Optical fiber type Customized configurations
Length of fiber Customized configurations
Number of channel 4ch/8ch/12ch or Customized configurations
Working wavelength(nm) 850,1310,1550
Angle of MT 8°,0°or Customized configurations
Lens pitch 250um
IL(dB) ≤1
RL(dB) single mode≥30、multi mode≥50
Storage/ operating  temperature -40~+85℃