With isolator FA - MT jumper

With isolator FA - MT jumper


With isolator FA - MT jumper products with isolator can be used for signal transmission and reception in optical fiber transmission system. Its high isolation characteristic can significantly reduce the interference caused by reflected signals to transmitted signals. The application of high-precision and integrated technology can reduce the package size and facilitate customer installation.


· Transmit and receive integration
· High Performance in IL
· High isolation
· Accurate fiber core pitch
· Mechanical dimensions are accurate and easy to install
· Excellent environmental stability and reliability
· Customized configurations
· Obtained certifications of ROHS and REACH


· Polarization optical system
· Multi-channel micro-optics integrated device
· High speed optical transceiver module

Parameter Specification
Optical fiber type Customized configurations
Length of fiber Customized configurations
Number of channel 8ch/16ch or Customized configurations
FA fiber core pitch 127μm/250μm or Customized configurations
Angle of FA TX end:8°、 0°or Customized configurations / RX end:45°or Customized configurations
Angle of MT 8°、 0°or Customized configurations
IL(dB) TX end:≤0.6/ RX end:≤0.5
Isolation (dB) ≥32
RL(dB) ≥30
Operating  temperature 0~+75℃
Storage  temperature -40~+85℃