High isolation polarization-maintaining fiber jumper

High isolation polarization-maintaining fiber jumper


High degree of isolation polarization-maintaining fiber, using two-stage polarization correlation isolator, through high precision jig and unique and reliable manufacturing process, can achieve low insertion loss, high degree of isolation, high extinction ratio performance.


· High Performance in IL
· High isolation
· High extinction ratio
· High Performance in RL
· Excellent environmental stability and reliability
· Customized configurations


· High isolation is required for transmission
· Passive PM optical device

Parameter Specification
Length of fiber Customized configurations
Wavelength 1310、1550 or Customized configurations
Storage  temperature -40~85
Operating  temperature 0~70
IL(dB) <0.6
RL(dB) >30
Extinction ratio >20
Isolation >30
Optical fiber type Customized configurations
Connector type LC,SC,FC or specified type