AWG MUX jumper

AWG MUX jumper


AWG MUX jumper utilizes the Receptacle, Stub, high-precision V-slot, MUX chip, refractive index matching glue and other raw materials, and fully automatic coupling technology to ensure the optical performance indexes and stable reliability of the component.  


· Wiggle loss less than1.0dB
· Superintegrated
· High Performance in IL
· Excellent uniformity
· Low PDL
· Accurate polishing angle
· Excellent environmental stability and reliability
· Customized configurations
· Obtained certifications of ROHS and REACH


· High speed optical transceiver module

Parameter Specification
Optical fiber type Customized configurations
Length of fiber Customized configurations
Number of channel CWDM 4ch LAN WDM 4ch
Working wavelength(nm) 1271,1291,,1311,1331 1295.56,1300.05,1304.58,1309.14
Bandwidth(nm) ±6.5 ±1
Angle of chip 8°or Customized configurations
Receptacle wiggle loss(dB) 1.0 or 1.5
Four tropism of receptacle(dB) ≤0.2
IL(dB) ≤2.5
RL(dB) ≥30
Uniformity(dB) ≤0.7
PDL(dB) ≤0.5
Isolation of adjacent channels(dB) ≥25
Isolation of non-adjacent channels (dB) ≥30
Dimensions size Length Max 7.5mm or Customized configurations
Width Max 4mm or Customized configurations
Thickness Max 1.6mm or Customized configurations