TFF filter base CCWDM module

TFF filter base CCWDM module


TFF Filter Base CCWDM Module is a product based on filter and small size packaging technology. It is a modular product of TFF Filter base WDM block. Compared with traditional CWDM module, it has better performance and smaller volume.


· High Performance in IL
· Low polarization loss
· High isolation ratio
· Wide working wavelength
· Small volume
· The central wavelength shift is small
· Excellent environmental stability and reliability
· Customized configurations
· Obtained certifications of ROHS and REACH


· WDM system
· passive optical networks

Parameter Specification
Optical fiber type Customized configurations
Length of fiber Customized configurations
Number of channel 4ch 8ch
Wavelength 1260-1620
Central wavelength migration ±2nm
Passband ±6.5nm
IL(dB) ≤1.4 ≤1.7
Isolation of adjacent channels(dB) >25
Isolation of non-adjacent channels (dB) >35
RL(dB) >50
PDL(dB) ≤0.5
Uniformity(dB) ≤0.5
Operating  temperature 0℃~70℃
Storage  temperature -40℃~85℃